Enders game title 01.jpg

Role: Illustrator   Production Designers: Ben Procter & Sean Haworth   Director: Gavin Hood 

All images © OddlLot Entertainment / © Summit Entertainment

Although I worked on many design aspects of Ender’s Game, the majority of my work was related to the I.F. Space Station. In the eight months I worked on the film, about six months were spent adding details to the Ben Proctor’s original design to make the space feel natural and lived in while retaining its cool sci-fi vibe.

It was a great privilege to work on Ender’s Game with production designers Ben Procter and Sean Haworth. During this project I was fortunate to work with a team of skilled artists including Paul Ozzimo, David Lyle, Tully Summers, Mike Myrers and of course Ben Procter and Sean Haworth. Designing alongside such talented artists made me challenge myself every day to produce the best work that I could.

Working on Ender’s Game is an experience I will never forget. The friends I made there have become like family.

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