Project Arbiter short film

I fill its fitting that i start my first News post on the first film i ever worked on. Project Arbiter launched my film career and helped me understand film making from a illustrators Point of view before i had the mind set for working. Director Michael R Chance helped me understand film making and pushed me in ways with my illustrations back then that i never new i had in me. the friend ship that blossomed out of Arbiter still goes strong today and Michael R Chance I and a few Other like Peggy Chung and Mark Yang continue a new venture together called Momentum a short film that will be coming out latter on this year in 2014!

I first jumped on the short film Project Arbiter back in 2008 with Director Michael R Chance i never would have thought that doing this short film would have lead to the friend ship and Business partner i have today. the 20 min short is the hard work of a number and talented individuals that put there time in to make something they truly believed in the project may hat is off to all of you. Enjoy!