The Collective podcast

Back in Nov 11 of 2013 i did a podcast on The Collective with Ash Thorp that i shared on my Facebook. now that the new's side of my site is working i would like to share this with you all once agin and Thank Ash Thorp for bringing me on to talk to everyone =)

In this podcast i talk about my history of getting in to art and how my dad help me in my devilment oh becoming how i am and how his passing made me work harder. i also talk about my time on Ender's Game the movie and my own short film Momentum

if you would like to hear The Collective original uplode please click here

please enjoy!

Old Work made new

Beffor i started Art Center college of design i use to post my work on a Deviant Art account named Falarsimons starting all the way back in 2006. now 7 years latter i get a email from some one named Kaelin Hinnant he tells me that he is a student at Art institute of Tampa and he tock is upon him self to build a game character out of my old design. Grate work Kaelin Hinnant its fun to get surprises like these =D

below is my old concept that can been see on Deviant Art below that is the video Kaelin Hinnant did of the design.


Project Arbiter short film

I fill its fitting that i start my first News post on the first film i ever worked on. Project Arbiter launched my film career and helped me understand film making from a illustrators Point of view before i had the mind set for working. Director Michael R Chance helped me understand film making and pushed me in ways with my illustrations back then that i never new i had in me. the friend ship that blossomed out of Arbiter still goes strong today and Michael R Chance I and a few Other like Peggy Chung and Mark Yang continue a new venture together called Momentum a short film that will be coming out latter on this year in 2014!

I first jumped on the short film Project Arbiter back in 2008 with Director Michael R Chance i never would have thought that doing this short film would have lead to the friend ship and Business partner i have today. the 20 min short is the hard work of a number and talented individuals that put there time in to make something they truly believed in the project may hat is off to all of you. Enjoy!