Early Sketches

All images © Sony Pictures

These were the original early concepts for Rhino in the film before we locked down the direction we wanted to go into. Originally we played around the idea of Rhino wearing a suit more so than a mech. As you will see below we wound up going with a mech. 


rhino_Concept01_LiquidMetal_103012_RS copy.jpg
rhino_Concept03_LiquidMetal_110212_RS copy.jpg
rhino_Concept07_LiquidMetal_110812_RS copy.jpg
rhino_Concept05_LiquidMetal_110612_RS copy.jpg

Final Design for Rhino

Final designs.  This set of designs were based off of the direction of a mech instead of a suit. This direction allowed for us to have more liberty with the silhouette of the Rhino design. as you will see below i also had to play with the transformation of the Mech to Rhino from and how you would get inside of this Machine.

rhino_Concept04_RoughInteriorDrawing_112112_RS copy.jpg