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Role: Co-Creator - Executive Producer - Production Designer

MOMENTUM began with an idea from Peggy Chung, my partner at Gadget-Bot: Develop a hover racing film. Peggy and I exchanged ideas about what the project could entail. Mark Yang came on as the third creator. Between the three of us, we formed the world and the story. Finally, Michael Chance joined MOMENTUM as director and producer to fully transform the characters and story for the screen. Anna Halberg further developed the production team. The exciting collaboration between the five of us fostered a genuine atmosphere and love for drama, science fiction, and filmmaking.

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Year 2043. Ethan Knight is a former test fighter pilot that barely finds normalcy in life after the loss of his wife. He is conflicted when an old friend presents the opportunity for Ethan to become a test driver for a new maglev rally race. Ethan must now find the balance between his newfound purpose and his ever-diminishing relationship with his daughter, Charlie.