Docking arm

 All images © OddlLot Entertainment / © Summit Entertainment

Ben Procter, the production designer, had extensively designed the exterior of the I.F. Space Station. He gave me the assignment of designing the docking arm. I chose to draw the arms instead of painting them in order to show more detail for the 3D modelers at Digital Domain. The image below shows the full docking arrangement.

BS_DockingArm_Ilo_120425_01HERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_Docking_Ilo_120424_HERO_RS copy.jpg

Air Lock

The Air Lock is the first location where Ender steps in to the I.F. Space Station. Originally, we designed a day/night system to reveal the station’s interior.  Ben Procter started the bottom two illustrations, and I finished them and added my Air Lock and day/night system. 

BS_AirLockBS_Ilo_111219_HatchOpenHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_AirLockBS_Ilo_111219_DimLit_RS copy.jpg
BS_AirlockBS_ILO_111219_FullyLit_RS copy.jpg

School & HallWay Doors

My very first assignment on Ender's Game was to design different Air Lock school doors throughout the I.F. Space Station. Overall, there were two types: A thin one that resembled a school door, and another, more heavy duty one that was meant for closing off large areas that would be exposed to space on the other side.

BS_AirlockBS_Ilo_111102_AirLockHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_AirlockBS_Ilo_111028_AirLockDesigns03_RS copy.jpg
BS_AirlockBS_Ilo_120306_Hero_RS copy.jpg

Dorm Room  

Many people worked on this design for the dorm room. Ben Procter did the first sketch, 3D sketch, and paint over on this image. Paul Ozzimo designed all the cabinets that you see to the left and the right of this image. Amy Heinz designed the beds. I did the final details and graphics you see in this illustration.

BS_DormDragon_Ilo_120110_HERO_RS copy.jpg

Graff's Room

This is one of the first images I did. Ben Procter gave me rough 3D models of this space, and I fully painted over these 3D models to the make the design they are now.

BS_GraffComm_ilo_111117_IntComposite_Graff_BackHero_RS copy.jpg
BS_GraffComm_ilo_111117_IntComposite_Graff_Hero_RS copy.jpg

Lunch Room

The first three images here are the early designs I did for the lunchroom in the I.F. Space Station. In the end, they were a little too pricey to build. Eventually, Paul Ozzimo designed the amazing looking room at the bottom and I illustrated the final image.

BS_MessHall_Ilo_111130_FoodTableHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_MessHall_Ilo_111207_FoodPrintersHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_BSmess_Ilo_120216_Kidsinroom_RS copy.jpg

Ender's BedRoom

When Ender finally becomes the captain of the Dragon Army, he is given his own room. Ben Procter gave me a rough 3D model of the room and I added all of the details and mood on top of it.

BS_EnderBSRm_Ilo_111221_WithOutEnderHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_EnderBSRm_Ilo_111221_WithEnderModHERO_RS copy.jpg

Computer panels

I designed a number of computer panels for the I.F. Space Station. For the longest time, they were horizontal.  We finally realized they didn’t visually fit next to the doors in the hallways, so we changed them to be vertical.

BS_ControlPanel_Ilo_120216_01_RS copy.jpg
BS_ControlPanel_Ilo_120216_04HERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_BattleSchool_Dwg_1203099_InputScreens_GR3HERO_RS copy.jpg

Jump Gate 

The jump gate was fully designed by Ben Procter. I spent my time in this room designing the hook holder, the door for the jump, and the graphics and details you see in the illustration.

BS_HookHolder_120202_WaterJetHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_BatRm_Ilo_120111_IrisHERO_RS copy.jpg
BS_BatRm_Ilo_120214_Hero_RS copy copy.jpg


The showers came from a rough 3D model Ben Procter gave me. I then focused on the details in the space and designed the different doors and shower spaces inside the room.

BS_ShowerFight_ILO_111122_RS copy.jpg
BS_ShowerFight_Ilo_111129_otherside01_RS copy.jpg

Bonzo surgery

The Bonzo image was fun to create. The challenge was to take Graff's room and transform it in to a surgery room for the Bonzo surgery.

BS_Infirmary_ilo_111117_monitor01HERO_RS copy.jpg