Fight scenes

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There were a number of space fights in Ender's Game. They were extremely fun to illustrate. Below are most of the images I illustrated for the fights in the film. Enjoy!

BS_DogFight_ilo_120514_IFfight3HERO_RS copy.jpg
MG_IceFight_Ilo_120511_FormicHERO_RS copy.jpg
Gass Gaint 04 copy.jpg
FR_FromicWorld_Ilo_120220_fisrtfightdarkerHERO_RS copy.jpg
FR_FreeFall_Ilo_120316_HERO_RS copy.jpg
FR_LittleDoc_Ilo_120517_HERO_RS copy.jpg
FR_Finalfight02_Ilo_120312_HERO_RS copy.jpg