Planet Eros

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Planet Eros was designed to convey its rich backstory as a formerly habitable planet. Due to the wars that took place years ago between the humans and the Formics, the planet was ravaged. Finally, humans nuked the planet and used it as an outpost between Earth and the Formic home world.


ER_PlanetEros_Ilo_120402_Planet12_RS copy.jpg

Eros surface

David Levy designed most of Eros’ surface. When I was handed his designs, I was asked to create a large image showing the whole surface of the planet. What I wound up doing resembled more of a panorama, so I decided to animate it based off the animatics that Digital Domain had already done. This was the first time I tried this method on Ender's Game, and I got positive reactions. Because of this, I wound up doing more quick illustrative animations for other scenes throughout the film.

ER_BaseCompound_ilo_120418_ousidebaseHERO_RS copy.jpg

Eros bunkers

Ben Procter did amazing work for the bunkers under Eros’ surface. Ben gave me some really great renders for these sets, and I then added illustrations and more details. My favorite part of these images was adding all the historical elements to make things look old and new.

ER_CommCenter_Ilo_120209_HERO_RS copy.jpg
ER_CommCenter_Ilo_120209_TurnHERO_RS copy.jpg
ER_CommCenter_Ilo_120210_PipingDesignHERO_RS copy.jpg
ER_CommCenter_Ilo_120211_FormicWalls02HERO_RS copy.jpg
ER_TunnelLow_ILO_120105_MoodHERO_RS copy.jpg

Command chairs

These chairs come into play toward the end of the film when Ender commands the fleets toward the Formic planet. The other kids sit around him while he controls the fleets. I designed these chairs to feel as if they read your nervous system to command the fleet.

ES_Rascal_Ilo_120418_Back03HERO_RS copy.jpg