Earth City 

All images © OddlLot Entertainment / © Summit Entertainment

Earth City’s design in Ender’s Game was based on this premise: After the formic destroyed the earth, humans worked together to rebuild the earth using principles of green building and sustainability. This initial concept helped me design all the other Earth images below.


Earth Classroom 

The two images below were designs for the classroom where the first confrontation with Ender takes place. Tully Summers created the amazing creature designs and I added them into the classroom around the schoolchildren in their studies.


Wiggin Home

While almost all aspects of the city feel well integrated, highly evolved, and futuristic, the Wiggin home’s design needed to impart a feeling of familiarity to the viewer. Its design needed to be distinct in feel from the other buildings around it and seem like a traditional home.

EA_ WigStreet_Ilo_120124_DayTimeHERO_RS.jpg
EA_ WigStreet_Ilo_120124_NightTimeHero_RS.jpg

Graff's car

Below are several original concepts I designed for Graff’s vehicle. After we made a few initial concepts, we passed them off to a design team at Audi. Audi’s team then made an amazing design that you see in the film.

EA_GraffCar_Ilo_120202_AduiA7Military_RS copy.jpg
EA_GraffCar_Ilo_120316_wheelCoverHERO_RS copy.jpg

Earth Launch 

This early morning shot of the shuttle taking off from Earth was almost cut from the film. While doing the concepts, I took the images I had created and started playing with animating them in Photoshop. After a while, I realized I could animate whole scenes. At the bottom of the page you can watch the video I made for the launch from Earth. 

Music and sound by: Robben Fenderson